Try Denubo - social platform Try Denubo - social platform Try Denubo - social platform is a virtual platform that connects all your social networks and other services you use on the Internet and creates a unique personal page.


All services at one place
and easy to take in

Do you use more than just one social network or other personalized internet services (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, ICQ, email…)? Create your unique personal pages where all the services are at you and your friend’s disposal. It simplified overview and management and you will be able to more effectively devote multiple social networks or other services.


A unique visual style
and options

Denubo emphasizes the individual attitude with a broad potential of peculiar design and options. Amaze your friends at Facebook, show them where you spend your holiday at Tripio, what do you think at Twitter or your CV at LinkedIn. Everything is easy to take in and accessible from one place on the Internet.


Respecting your privacy
is a key element

Only you can administer your own privacy. You set your privacy level. You determine the public accessible information and your personal information (public non-accesssible). Each service you use and its privacy policy (e.g. Facebook) will take care of the rest.